Scar Tissue – A Closer Look at Laminotomy (Surgical Removal Procedure)

Scar tissue develops after an injury or surgery to the back.  Scar tissue can form around six to twelve weeks after surgery or an injury.  Pain in the back will begin to occur because of the tethering this scar tissue creates.

Laminotomy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure designed to remove painful scar tissue.  It is important to understand that a Laminotomy is not the same as a Laminectomy.   See the difference between Laminotomy and Laminectomy in the article, “Scar Tissue – Benefits and Types of Arthroscopic Laser Treatment.

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Scar Tissue – Benefits and Types of Arthroscopic Laser Treatment

The scar tissue that develops after an injury or surgery to the spine can lead to pain after six to twelve weeks.  The scar tissue itself is not painful, as it does not contain nerve endings.  However, when scar tissue begins to tether, the pain happens when a patient’s movement goes past the range of motion, which is limited due to this tethered area.

The best option is to try and prevent or limit scar tissue.  Scar tissue is increased with traditional and more invasive back surgery.  In the past, patients only had the option of large and invasive incisions that would leave the patient hospitalized with an extensive rehabilitation and long and painful recuperation.

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Reduce Effects of Scar Tissue with Epidural Lysis

Scar tissue found in the epidural space can cause chronic low back pain.  The epidural space is a thin space located between the inside of the vertebral column and the protective layer around the spinal cord.   Scar tissue can develop in this space following surgery, injury, or herniated disc leakage.  Scar tissue can restrict the movement of the nerves that can cause inflammation, which causes pain.

How Epidural Lysis can help

Epidural Lysis was developed to decrease the pain of chronic low back due to scar tissue formation.  The idea of Epidural Lysis is to eliminate the effects of scar tissue formation.  Epidural Lysis delivers high concentrations of injected drugs into a targeted area.  Epidural Lysis is known to be used in conditions, such as:

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